PostDoc Services

International Personnel

All Postdoctoral Fellows who are foreign nationals are offered visas through and must maintain contact with International Personnel (see Section 7). International Personnel also maintains up to date information on tax treaties and offers a variety of educational seminars and workshops designed to enhance training and promote career advancement. Human Resources, Box 1514, phone: (212) 731-7744, (fax)212-731-7744.

Postdoc Listserv

New Postdoctoral Fellows are subscribed automatically to the postdoc e-mail list maintained by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Emails from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs are used to keep Postdoctoral Fellows informed of upcoming seminars and events important to all trainees. Additional information and a schedule of events is maintained on the website. If you are not receiving emails from the Office on a regular basis within two weeks of your arrival contact The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at to subscribe.

Conflict Resolution

On occasion conflicts arise between Postdoctoral Fellows and his/her PI or other colleagues in the lab. Every effort should be made by a Postdoctoral Fellow and his/her PI to resolve complaints/issues informally. If necessary a more formal discussion with PI should take place with the Department Administrator or Chair. When conflicts are not easily resolved or if the Postdoctoral Fellow needs advice on how to proceed, Postdoctoral Fellows are strongly encouraged to contact one of the Resources cited below.

Conflict Resolution Resources: