About The Postdoctoral Executive Committee

The MSSM Postdoc Executive Committee is a representative body for postdocs run by postdocs. It is supported and facilitated by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the Office of Academic Enhancement and Mentoring, but is autonomous in every other way. The committee meets once a month, to address issues relevant for postdocs at MSSM and discuss topics of scientific and professional development, as well as organizing a program of activities to facilitate scientific and social interactions.

Postdoctoral Executive Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Postdoc Executive Committee at MSSM is to foster a sense of community among the postdoctoral research fellows at MSSM; to advocate for and be the representative voice of the postdoctoral community at MSSM.

The goals of the MSSM Postdoc Executive Committee are:

  • To provide a collective voice and liaison between postdoctoral fellows, faculty and administration
  • To create an environment in which peer support is openly sought and available
  • To promote social interaction and organize monthly social gatherings
  • To help integrate new postdoctoral scientists into the program and offer them guidance and assistance in finding supportive networks of peers and mentors
  • To foster professional development
  • To organize the Postdoctoral Symposium during Postdoctoral Appreciation Week
  • To function as a contact point for postdoc affairs at MSSM and relay information to the advisory committee
  • To embrace and celebrate the multicultural diversity of the members of MSSM