2016 Hooding Instructions for Students and Family

All Medical students (including MD/PhD, MD/MPH and MD/MSCR students) will be hooded for their MD degree by:

Dr. Peter Gliatto, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Student Affairs and
Dr. Reena Karani, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Curricular Affairs.

MD/PhD students will be hooded for the MD degree by the MD/PhD Program Director.

All Graduate (PhD, PhD CR, MD/PhD, MSBS, MSGC, MSCR, CRTP and MPH) students will be hooded for their graduate degree by:

Either their PhD Dissertation Advisors or Program Directors, Ross Cagan, PhD, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences or Basil Hanss, PhD, Interim Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; Janice Gabrilove, MD, Director, Clinical Research Education Programs (CRTP, MSCR & PhD); Nils Hennig, MD, PhD, MPH, Director, Graduate Program in Public Health (MPH, MD-MPH); Randi Zinberg, MS, MS, CGC, Director, Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling.

MD/PhD students not hooded by their PhD dissertation advisor will be hooded by Margaret H. Baron, MD, PhD, MD/PhD Program Director.

Once you are on stage, walk up to your hooder and hand him/her your hood, then turn and face the audience while being hooded. After the hooding you may shake hands, receive your degree and walk off stage to return to your assigned seat.

Family Hooders

It is the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai's tradition for candidates who are graduating with a clinical degree (MD, MD/PhD and MD/MPH) to have the opportunity to be hooded by a member of their immediate family, should that person hold a clinical or graduate degree (MD or PhD). Only candidates graduating with a clinical degree may be hooded by an immediate family member. Only the following relationships will be considered immediate family members: spouse, parent, sibling, son or daughter. Please understand that all other relations are ineligible to hood graduates.

Should you wish to be hooded by a family member with a clinical or graduate degree, you must submit a request via email and send it to commencement@mssm.edu by Friday  February 12, 7, 2016. In your request, please list the family hooder’s name, degree, title, institution by which they are currently employed, and their relationship to you. All requests will be reviewed by the Department of Medical Education. We will make every attempt to honor all valid requests. The Department of Medical Education will email you with the decision by February 19, 2016.

Family Member Not On Stage
If you are being hooded by a family member who is not sitting on stage (only Icahn School of Medicine alumni and faculty are on stage), please be sure that person meets you to the right of the stage before you prepare to walk across. They MUST have the assigned ribbon pinned to their blouse or lapel (you will receive the ribbon when you pick up your regalia), so Security knows to let them approach the stage. Before stepping on stage, have your family member line up behind you and prepare to walk on stage. The hooder must immediately follow the student on to the stage to be able to hood. If your hooder does not follow you onto the stage, they will not be able to hood you due to time constraints.

Family Member on Stage (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Alumni or Faculty Only)
If you are being hooded by a family member who is already on stage please walk up to the area which is designated for the hooder to meet him/her there.

Instructions and regalia forms will be sent directly to family hooders (onstage) from the Office of Special Events.

Family Hooders please make sure you bring your tickets! You need the ticket to get into the auditorium and the blue ribbon to get onstage.

Please view for instructions on hooding your student.