Educational Resources

Courses and Seminars

One of our major goals within the Microscopy CoRE is to create an “imaging” culture that contributes towards the development of new state-of-the-art imaging technologies within the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Imaging Seminars and Workshops

Once a month an invited speaker gives a seminar on image analysis tools. Our seminars alternate between biology-driven presentations where speakers use imaging as a major tool in their research and presentations from companies that have resources relevant to imaging, from probe development to new microscopes and imaging analysis technology.

Annual Light Microscopy Course

This is a three-day symposium with hands-on sessions and lectures. The first Light Microscopy Course was held in June 2016 with Leica Microsystems supporting the hands-on sessions using new equipment brought to the School for the event. The course was focused on different imaging techniques ranging from: wide field-imaging, confocal microscopy, FRET and FRAP to in vivo imaging.

Educational Resources

The following are valuable microscopy and image analysis resources

ImageJ: NIH image analysis software

Fiji: ImageJ with pre-installed utilities and upgrade management

GIMP: GNU image manipulation program

CellProfiler: Image analysis designed for biologists

Icy: Open source platform for Bioimaging Informatics

Ilastik: Open source image classification, segmentation and analysis tool

OMERO: The Open Microscopy Environment

BisQue: Open source and cloud-based image analysis

NITRC: Neuroinformatics  resource center

I do Imaging: A repository of medical imaging applications