Microscopy CORE

Eye section of E14.5 mouse embryo with multipotent stem cell marker Sox2 (green), oligodendrocyte marker Olig2 (red) and nuclei marker DAPI (blue). Image courtesy of Dipankar Dutta, Gareth John Lab. View larger image

The Microscopy CORE provides equipment, training, and expert consultation services for a full range of light microscopy applications. The facility houses confocal, multi-photon, epi-fluorescence, brightfield, and live cell microscopes which are accessible 24/7. The facility also provides workstations for image processing, analysis and deconvolution. Training is required for all users. Please contact us for more details.


Listed below is the equipment available for use at the Microscopy CORE. Click each microscope for more information and technical specifications.

Laser Scanning Confocal

Spinning Disk Confocal





Image Analysis Software

  • AutoQuantX3 Deconvolution
  • MetaMorph Image Analysis
  • Volocity 3D Image Analysis
  • Amira 3D Image Analysis

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Deanna Benson, PhD
Scientific Director
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Rumana Huq, MS
Managing Director
Tel: 212-241-3906
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Consultation Times:
Monday through Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm

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