About the Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs

The Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs (CMCA) provides an environment which nurtures students, faculty, and trainees from groups underrepresented in the medical and biomedical research workforces at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Student and faculty alike see the Center as a haven where camaraderie and education go hand in hand. In the classroom, the laboratory, and within the Center, each is encouraged to succeed and given tools to succeed. The high school experience in the summer science programs has opened the way for many who consider medicine as a career option. Those who select to study medicine at Mount Sinai are embraced by the faculty of CMCA and guided through their medical school and residency experiences. Faculty are able to serve as much needed mentors while, they themselves are given protected time to embark on research that impacts health care disparities. The testimonials from students and physicians alike confirm what is unique about this program. Read More