Electronic Research Administration

One of Icahn School of Medicine's strategic goals is to replace the paper-intensive management of grant applications and research protocol approvals with a fully paperless electronic research administration. To accomplish this, the school is implementing InfoEd Electronic Research Administration, a suite of integrated third-party tools. InfoEd ERA modules are also available via the secure Web-based Electronic Research Application PortalĀ© (eRAP). Key features of InfoEd ERA modules include:

  • Secure Web portal access to tools for grant submissions, protocol submissions, and clinical trials
  • Access to grant and protocol preparation and submission where and when investigators need them
  • Ability to link proposals, protocols, and trials
  • Potential to create processes with common look and feel for investigators and reviewers

Modules that have been implemented to date include:

  • Investigator profiles through Genius
  • Grant opportunity searches through SPIN
  • Electronic development and submission of NIH grant requests (Proposal Development)
  • Electronic development and internal submission of all grant requests and renewals to the Mount Sinai Grants and Contracts Office (Proposal Development, Proposal Tracking)
  • Electronic development, submission, and board management for Animal Studies with BioSafety development, submission, and management (LAD, LAM, EHSD)
  • Electronic management records for Human Subject studies (HSM)
  • Clinical trials development and management (CTM)

Modules that are scheduled to be implemented include:

  • Electronic development, submission, and board management for Human Subject protocols (HSD, HSM)
  • Tracking for proposal and award data (Proposal and Award Tracking)
  • Time and Effort Reporting and Management (T&E)

For information or access to InfoEd ERA modules, contact: