Specimen Management

Research IT supports investigators with the development and management of bio-specimen collection protocols and clinical annotation using a combination of in-house and third party tools. Tools are delivered via the secure Web-based Electronic Research Application PortalĀ© (eRAP) using Role-Based Access Control security. Key features of this support include:

  • The Rapid Database GeneratorĀ© toolkit provides quick, easy development of donor management services in support of consent management, family and medical history questionnaires, and other clinical annotation.
  • RDG supports longitudinal specimen collection and annotation in accordance with the protocol.
  • RDG provides integration with specimen banking systems such as the Department of Medicine's LIMS system or the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) caTISSUE Suite for storage container and specimen management.
  • RDG provides integration with Mount Sinai's clinical lab systems for automated orders and result posting for research only tests. (This service does not apply to standard of care tests and results.)
  • RDG provides integration with the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse to create data marts for consented donors containing de-identified clinical data about specimens.
  • Research IT supports the configuration and support of NCI's caTISSUE Suite for managing your lab's specimen storage containers and for managing inventory control on your specimens.