Employee Assistance Program

From cardiac care to critical incident stress management, from environmental medicine to employee assistance, The Mount Sinai Health System can give you and your employees access to a broad range of sophisticated health and human resource services not easily available in the employee assistance program marketplace.

As a workplace provider, The Mount Sinai Employee Assistance Program strives to function as an integrated, albeit discrete, component of your organization’s Human Resource Department. Accordingly, our primary goal is to address productivity problems rooted in the mental and behavioral health concerns of your employees. Therefore, our staff will work with your organization to develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures regarding program operation and utilization. Additionally, we seek to improve the quality of the organizational environment. To accomplish these objectives we provide a core package of services including supervisory training, consultation, clinical assessment, short-term counseling and referral services.

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Daniel Hughes, PhD

Myrla Van Sluytman Parrish, LCSW

Mary Olsen, LMSW
Social Worker/Counselor

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Administrative Assistant

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