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Guidelines for Vendor Relationships
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What gifts or give-away items can I accept from a sales representative, whether at Mount Sinai or off-campus?
A: Faculty, staff and trainees should not accept any gifts from vendors, including but not limited to cash, gift certificates, tickets to events, food and trinkets such as pens, pads and calendars. Only items with a clear educational value AND of modest financial cost can be accepted, e.g. a textbook.

Q: Acme Corporation wants to give textbooks to all incoming house staff in my department. Can the department accept these books or are they gifts?
A: Books provided free-of-charge by a vendor are considered gifts. However, if your Chair, Residency Director or other designated decision-maker determines that the books have a clear educational value and are of modest financial cost, he/she can approve the offer as an educational exception under the Vendor Policy.

Q: I received two tickets to a Broadway show in the mail from an office supply vendor. The tickets were accompanied by a note saying they were for me or my staff; the note didn't ask us for anything in return and didn't include a direct solicitation for business. Can I use the tickets?
A: The tickets are considered a gift and may not be accepted. You should immediately return the tickets to the vendor and explain that our Vendor Policy does not allow faculty, staff or trainees to accept gifts.