Joint Primary Appointments

In extraordinary circumstances, a joint primary appointment may be granted at the ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor to a faculty member whose areas of expertise and responsibilities fall within more than a single existing Department or Center. Consideration for a joint primary appointment will require, in addition to submission of the standard appointment and promotion documents, a letter of agreement co-authored and co-signed by the Chairs/Directors of the involved Departments/Centers, and approved by the Dean. The agreement must address in detail distribution of responsibilities with regard to academic, clinical and research functions, as well as finances, space and other resources. The agreement must consider both short term and long term implications of the joint primary appointment. For non-tenured faculty, the occasion of a joint primary reappointment presents an opportunity for the two involved chairs to review and either renew or revise (with mutual consent) their resource commitment. For purposes of participation in Medical School governance, the faculty member must identify him/herself with one Department and must inform the Elections Committee of the Faculty Council.