Voluntary Faculty

Upon the recommendation of the Department Chairperson, an individual who holds a doctoral degree and who agrees to devote at least 10 hours weekly of unpaid service to Health System activities that is assigned by the Chairperson is eligible for appointment to the Voluntary faculty. Voluntary faculty may not accept an appointment or other position at any other school of medicine unless prior written approval has been granted by the Dean.

Voluntary faculty may be compensated by Icahn School of Medicine or its affiliated institutions for professional services rendered at a rate to be determined by the Department Chairperson and approved by the Dean or the Director of the Mount Sinai Hospital or other affiliated institution. Fringe benefits will only be provided for those Voluntary faculty who are paid for at least 17.5 hours of service per week, except when mandated by law or arranged by agreement with the School or Hospital. Time devoted to paid service to the School and/or affiliated Hospitals may not be substituted for the 10 hours of weekly unpaid service that is required of all Voluntary faculty. Arrangements for compensation for services may be terminated by Icahn School of Medicine or its affiliated institutions at any time. In the event that such arrangements are terminated, Voluntary faculty will retain their faculty appointment in the School of Medicine.