Adding New Faculty to FPA Financial Reporting

  1. Income and overhead accounts are established in the Report Structure Roll up (Screen VRSLS). This will enable the system to produce reports for this new participant in the division/department where he/she belongs.
  2. Establish income account in the Faculty Practice Maintenance Database (Screen FPAU1). All of the physician compensation such as Salary, Supplement, and Disability Insurance is indicated in this screen as well as any guarantees and the participant’s life numbers. This screen drives all FPA Monthly Reports, Physicians biweekly payment work sheets, Payroll Interface Journal, Payroll Advises, and FPA monthly receipts report.
  3. The new accounts will be included in various levels of allocations (i.e. Departmental Special Allocation, FPA assessments, billing etc.).
  4. At the end of each month, the system generates a Faculty Practice Associates Monthly Report of Income, expenses and payments, (GLM750) for each participant, a summary at division level (if any), a summary by departments, and a FPA summary.
  5. Also for the Management Report a Summary at Department level with and without 0244 accounts is produced (GLM750). Every bi-weekly the physicians receive, included in their regular paychecks, the FPA Supplement payments. FPA payout worksheets (GLM751) are requested to help process these payments. These worksheets automatically update payment fields in the Faculty Practice maintenance screen (FPAU1). FPA Accounting will review this information and make any appropriate corrections and after completing the process request that the FPA payroll file is run (GLM765). All this information is verified and this journal is interfaced with the regular Payroll.
  6. A monthly FPA Receipts Report is requested from the system at the end of each closing period. This report contains all receipts for the month and YTD totals by Department, Division, and Individuals.