Clinical Practice Track

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The Clinical Practice Track is designed for full-time physicians and select other clinically-oriented faculty who devote 90 percent or more of their professional activities to clinical practice, clinical laboratory work, clinical administration and clinical teaching activities.

Excellence in providing clinical services, both directly and through clinical administration, will be considered the primary criterion for promotion in the Clinical Practice Track, and contributions as teachers will be favorably reviewed. Although intended primarily for physicians, this track will occasionally accommodate other professionals with doctoral degrees who function in a compelling provider role, e.g., psychologists; clinical directors of genetics or pathology laboratories. Conventional scholarly output is not a requirement in this track, although evidence of innovative approaches to patient care is encouraged. A candidate for appointment or promotion in the Clinical Practice Track will be evaluated by the aggregate of his/her contributions in providing and enhancing clinical services, although the relative contribution in each area may differ for successful candidates.

It is expected that as faculty advance in their careers at Mount Sinai, they will demonstrate increasing service and leadership in administrative and policy-making functions of the institution and the broader scientific and medical communities. Participation in and contributions to major institutional committees, e.g., the Medical Board, that are critical to the mission of the School, the Health System and our affiliated hospitals will be given consideration when faculty are under review for promotion. Additionally, outstanding service in an administrative role (such as Vice-Chair of Director for Quality Assurance) will be considered during promotion review.

Track switching will require justification by the Department Chair. Track declaration must be made before a Chair recommends promotion.

Updated July 2015