Resident Electives in Endocrinology & Metabolism

The residents taking the Endocrinology elective will participate in all of the Division's rounds, clinics, and conferences. Attending rounds take place three mornings a week, during which new cases are presented and new patients are seen with the Attendings on service. Residents will have the opportunity to present cases or topics during Attending Rounds with assistance from the first-year fellows. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings they will round on the Nutrition service, where they will learn about parenteral nutrition support. They will also attend Metabolic Support Conference on Mondays. The residents will see patients in Diabetes Clinic and Endocrine Clinic, each of which takes place once a week. They are also expected to attend the Diabetes Clinic Conference and Endocrine Clinic Conference on Thursdays. On Friday afternoons there is a conference for the fellows and residents on a subject in either thyroid disease or reproductive endocrinology. Once a month, there will be a similar conference on a topic in metabolic bone disease. In addition, the residents will have the opportunity to see new inpatient consults with the first-year fellows and to follow these patients during their hospitalizations.

Wednesday afternoon is the Endocrinology Grand Round and Research Seminar from 3pm -5pm.

Endocrine Pathophysiology (for 2nd-Year Medical Students)

The Division of Endocrinology together with the Department of Pathology offers a 39-hour course in Endocrine Pathophysiology to the second-year medical students, consisting of lectures, small-group seminar sessions, and pathology laboratory. The course directors is Alice Levine, M.D. (Endocrinology).


MBD II Section 3:
Molecular basis of Endocrine Diseases (10hrs)

Course Director - Terry F. Davies M.D., FRCP (241-6627)

These lectures will provide a wide-ranging in-depth review of endocrine systems in an integrated fashion from the molecular to the systems level with an emphasis on human pathophysiology. Dr. Davies will accompany the seminar leaders at each session to enhance integration and avoid duplication. Seminars will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5pm.

Timetable for MDT - II Endocrinology 2001

November 1 Overview of Endocrine Physiology Terry F. Davies, M.D.
November 6 Hormone Receptors and Disease Peter Graves, Ph.D.
November 8 Steroid Biosynthesis and Dysfunction Jeffrey Mechanick, M.D.
November 13 Thyroid/Parathyroid Doug Forrest, Ph.D. and Robert Majeska, Ph.D.
November 15 Reproduction Andrea Gore, Ph.D.
November 20 Metabolism - Insulin Action and Diabetes, etc. Charles Mobbs, Ph.D.