Icahn School of Medicine has always had an active recruitment and retention effort directed at under-represented minorities.  The institution is justifiably proud of its success with minority graduate and MSTP students. Believing strongly that minority participation in biomedical sciences cannot be addressed by programs that start only at the undergraduate level, Mount Sinai is in an advanced state of planning for a biomedical sciences oriented high school to be developed on the Queens campus of one of our affiliated hospitals. This school, to be supervised and enriched by Mount Sinai will be a magnet school with a largely minority constituency. The graduate school plans to be a full participant in this important effort.

The graduate school also focuses directly upon development of an applicant pool among minority undergraduates through its Sigma Xi-Rudin Summer Undergraduate Science Program. This program brings approximately 18 fellows, chosen from an applicant pool of more than 250, to our campus for 10 weeks of research and special seminar presentations. Approximately one-half of the group is comprised of under-represented minorities. In addition to this special program, Mount Sinai's annual effort to encourage applicants from MARC programs, MBRS programs, and minority undergraduate institutions have included representation at the annual national undergraduate minority symposium, targeted participation in graduate school fairs in major metropolitan areas, mailing to all MARC and MBRS directors and special outreach to such programs in the New York metropolitan area. 

Mount Sinai's graduate program has developed relationships with the MARC and MBRS programs of local colleges and is a participant in the CUNY Bridges Program. In particular, the MSTP and graduate programs have benefited from a close working relationship with Dr. Fishman, the CCNY MARC Director, and ever stronger ties with the minority programs directors at Hunter College and York College. As indicated, we are endeavoring, through visits and use of our Summer Program, to develop closer relationships with more distant programs as well.