Lab Assignments

The precise distribution of trainees amongst sponsoring laboratories is not predetermined. We have agreed as a group to make every effort to rotate assignments as fairly as possible depending upon the interests and caliber of the applicants.  This has been a highly effective strategy during the last 10 years of the program. The graduate school encourages all graduate students to undertake a laboratory rotation, allowing them to choose majors and preceptors. All graduate students continue to be recruited via the same rotational mechanism. These rotations are established by the graduate school on behalf of the student after discussions with the various preceptors. The final decision on laboratory assignment always resides with the graduate school.


Mount Sinai has a major commitment to bioethics in all spheres of its function and has clear guidelines for the handling of misconduct in research. Rosamond Rhodes, Ph.D., is a full-time ethicist who is assisted by fellows from the Philosophy Program of NYU. Dr. Rhodes and her colleagues participate in a regular seminar series on the Responsible Conduct of Research and have also participated in Graduate School sponsored courses. The institution is currently planning a broad-based Bioethics Center and has supported faculty participation in national symposia and workshops on how trainees can best be sensitized to the complex problems in science conduct.