Rotation Descriptions

We offer the following rotations to our transplant hepatology fellows:

  • Inpatient All patients admitted to the liver medicine inpatient service will be followed by a fellow and the service hepatologist, who will function primarily as consultants for the assigned house staff. An average of 75 patients are admitted to the service each month. All associated procedures, such as endoscopy, liver biopsy, and paracentesis, will be performed by the inpatient fellows. Fellows will be expected to attend the general liver clinic for continuity of care. Vacation time will not be granted during this rotation.

  • Post-transplant Fellows will attend post-transplant rounds with the transplant surgery team and learn about post-transplant management, especially the use of immunosuppression. Management of small bowel transplant patients will also be introduced. He/she will be expected to perform procedures; additionally, fellows will see transplant recipients in the outpatient setting during transplant office hours. Attendance at the small bowel transplant conference and the daily liver pathology review is strongly encouraged.

  • Outpatient By seeing patients with senior faculty in their outpatient hepatology practices, fellows learn about managing liver diseases and acquire experience in the outpatient liver transplant evaluation process. Other responsibilities include conducting outpatient procedures such as endoscopy, liver biopsy, and paracentesis. An average of 120 outpatient procedures are performed each month. Fellows will provide vacation coverage for other rotations. Attendance at the daily liver pathology review is strongly encouraged.

  • Consult Fellows will attend to consults requested by other services. About 40 consults are seen each month. Cases will be discussed with the consult attending, and follow-up of these cases will be expected. In addition to procedures required by the consults, fellows will assist in performing outpatient procedures. Use of additional free time to attend transplant office hours and the daily liver pathology review is strongly encouraged.


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