Cerebrovascular Research Training Program

The program aims to prepare the next generation of physicians and research scientists to tackle problems of stroke within Mount Sinai's outstanding research and training environment. The focus of the program is to transit a trainee from supervised research to independent research, while demonstrating skills of thought, critical reasoning, scientific writing, presentations, and collaboration.

The Cerebrovascular Research Training Program is supported by the NIH T32 grant (5T32NS051147). This is a new, highly focused postdoctoral training program in cerebrovascular disease that is based in the Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroscience, and Emergency Medicine at The Icahn School of Medicine and Graduate School of Biological Sciences within the Mount Sinai Stroke and Medical Centers.

Training Environment

The program is administered by Director Dr. Stanley Tuhrim, an experienced and successful mentor and researcher, and a carefully chosen Executive Committee.

Trainees can immerse themselves in basic/didactic course work, including pediatric cerebrovascular disease, experimental design and methodology, and other research techniques (including grant writing and ethical conduct) critically applied to either basic or clinical investigative areas of research. Trainees are mentored in an individually crafted environment by our 10 NIH-funded mentors.

Upon completion of our program, they will be able to transition to successful independent careers as, basic or clinical neuroscientists.

Training Period

We offer the opportunity to spend 2-3 years participating in clinical and clinical research activities of the Stroke Service while developing an individual research project under the guidance of one of the stroke faculty.

Trainee Candidates

All candidates must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States at the time of their appointment. The applicant pool for this training program will be composed of Ph.D.s in Neuroscience or related fields, and physicians, usually trained in neurology, neurosurgery, or emergency medicine.

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