Welcome from the Program Director:

In the words of Dr. Seymour Gendelman, who directed the Mount Sinai Neurology Residency for the past 15 years: "Residency should be exciting and challenging, but it should also be fun."

We take great pride in presenting to you our broad, diverse and collegial program in neurology. Our Department has a rich history of accomplishment in the neurosciences stretching back over the past century. Our objective is to provide the most supportive environment and the best training available to launch an academic career in Neurology. We draw on teaching and training faculty throughout the clinical and basic science departments. We emphasize individualized mentoring, collegiality, flexibility and responsiveness to the needs and interests of each of our residents.

The Mount Sinai Neurology Residency provides a perpetually exciting challenge: you are (finally) about to delve into the field of neurology, where you'll encounter all the captivating and profound issues of clinical neuroscience that drew you to this career. Every one of our residents plays a vital role as a clinician, teacher, and collaborator. Our senior residents are skilled clinicians who run our neurology inpatient services, along with the neurology attendings who supervise and teach on every service, every day.

As a graduate of our residency program, I can attest to the quality of the people and the experience of training at Mount Sinai. Many of the fellows and faculty that our residents work with also completed their training here, and have built their careers in neurology at Mount Sinai. The diverse faculty guide our residents through the same process they went through during neurology residency here, be it a few years or a few decades before them. A new mentoring program has been designed, whereby a faculty mentor is assigned to each resident to offer guidance and assistance in adjusting to your new environment as a neurology resident. Secondary mentors in specific subspecialty areas (clinical, education, and research) are designated as go-to faculty as residents' individual interests develop. Residents are encouraged to participate in research during their elective time to prepare them for careers in academic neurology.

We seek residents who demonstrate dedication, intellectual inquisitiveness, and personal responsibility. We expect our residents to advocate for their patients, work closely with one another, and provide care that is humanistic, grounded in the fundamentals of medical ethics, and performed to the highest standards of professionalism. In addition to our residents' own learning, they also have an educational mission: to teach our medical students, who rotate with our residents throughout their training. The neurology medical student clerkship has been #1 in the institution for several years running. This is truly because of our residents, who have been dedicated, wonderful, front-line educators for our students.

In short - we have high expectations of our residents, and the Mount Sinai Neurology Residency provides the tools, learning opportunities, and guidance to have each of our residents meet and exceed them. We run a vibrant, busy neurology residency, from which you will emerge as seasoned, confident clinical neurologists, critical thinkers, and future leaders in whatever niche of our expanding field you choose for your own. Upon graduation, our residents place into competitive subspecialty fellowships in top tier programs around the country, including Epilepsy, MS, Movement Disorders, Neurophysiology, Stroke, Headache, Behavioral Neurology and Sleep Medicine.

We hope you will consider our residency program as you plan the next stage of your training and career. Our interview day affords you the opportunity to meet with many members of the faculty (including junior and senior attendings) and also to speak freely with our residents (including at a dinner the night prior to the interview, where no attendings are present). Of course, an additional asset of training at Mount Sinai is the opportunity to work and live in New York City, arguably the most culturally diverse and exciting city in the world. Thank you for your interest in our program, and please contact us if we can provide further information.


Stephen Krieger, MD
Director, Neurology Residency Program
Mount Sinai Health System
5 East 98th Street, NY, NY, 10029

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Senior Residency Coordinator
Department of Neurology
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