Current and Past Fellows

Eric Bergh, MD 2015-2018
Lucy Vieira, MD 2015-2018
Katherine Connolly, MD 2014-2017
Felipe Tudela, MD 2013-2016
Jennifer Amorosa, MD 2013-2016
Maria T. Mella, MD 2012-2015
Jennifer Amorosa, MD 2013-2016
Maria T. Mella, MD 2012-2015
Katherine Kohari, MD 2011-2014
Noel K. Strong, MD 2009-2012
Christian Litton, MD 2008-2011
Yevgeniya ("Zhenya") Pozharny, MD 2007-2010
Manisha Gandhi, MD 2006-2009
Victoria Belogolovkin, MD 2004-2007
Larry Rand, MD
Director of Perinatal Services
University of California, San Francisco
Cynthia Gyamfi, MD
Assistant Professor
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Meredith Rochon, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Lehigh Valley Hospital
Melissa Bush, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor
University of California, Irvine Medical Center
Paul Gleason, MD
Director of MFM
St. John's Riverside Hospital
Sreehar Gaddipati, MD
Assistant Professor, Director Critical Care in OBGYN
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Hajoon Chun, MD
Director of MFM
Flushing Hospital
James Bernasko MD
Director of Center for Diabetes and Pregnancy
North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System

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