Training Experience

While attending to the clinical and research training of our Fellows, we are also concerned with the development of their teaching skills. Fellows are expected to conduct seminars, clinical conferences, and lectures for medical students and house staff. Topics that are presented by the trainees include renal physiology and pathophysiology, fluid and electrolyte metabolism, and various aspects of clinical nephrology (renal emergencies, hypertension, nephrotic syndrome). These exercises are supervised by a faculty member whose assignment is to ensure the high quality of the teaching, as well as to guide the fellow towards a better understanding and performance. Our Division’s faculty and Fellows provide renal teaching rounds weekly to the pediatric residents as part of the inpatient experience. Additional teaching experiences are provided during informal one-on-one teaching to house staff and Fellows during daily clinical activities. More formal presentations prepared by Fellows include journal club and clinical conferences (each 1 to 3 times/year). It is expected that Fellows will, as appropriate, assume responsibility for teaching and supervising other trainees, Fellows and students, and participate in institutional orientation and education programs and other educational activities involving the clinical staff. The GME office also offers additional training in “teaching to teach” and related topics such as how to provide feedback and foster learning.