Schedules and Benefits

Average House Officer's Schedule (in weeks)

Rotation PGY-1 PGY-2 PGY-3
Mount Sinai Inpatient 14-20 4-6 4
Pediatric ER 8 4 4
Pediatric ICU 0 4 4
Elective / IC 6 20 26
Elmhurst Inpatient 0-4 0-4 0
Mount Sinai NICU 4 4 4
Well Baby Nursery 4-6 0 0
Englewood Hospital 0-4 0-4 0-4
Vacation 4 4 4
Adolescent Medicine 4 0 0
Ambulatory Block 4 4 2-4
Developmental Pediatrics 0 4 0
Teaching 0 0 0-4

PGY-1 Call Schedule

*The Intern schedule is a night float / shift based schedule

*Schedule made to comply strictly with duty hours with interns working no more than 14-hours shifts with 10 hours off in between shifts & one day off in seven days

For each four week floor/NICU block:

  • Three weeks of days
  • One five-day stretch of nights (Sun-Thurs)
  • Each intern gets two weekends off per month
  • Floors only: One “late intern” per day (total of five late nights per block)

Limited cross-coverage of floors/NICU on weekends while on:
Well baby, Ambulatory, Adolescent, Elective, Englewood

  • About two-three shifts per month

PGY-2/PGY-3 Call Schedule

*The Senior resident schedule is a call-based schedule

*Schedule made to comply strictly with duty hours with senior residents working no more than 27 hours (24 patient care + three transition) during a call & having one day off in seven days

For Floor Senior month, NICU month, & PICU month:

  • Modified q4 schedule to allow for two weekends off per month
  • Total seven calls per month

Cross Coverage of Floors/PICU/NICU while on:
Elective, Developmental Pediatrics, Teaching

  • Five-seven calls per month (includes sick call)

One call free month as a PGY-3


Mount Sinai provides health coverage for house officers through Mount Sinai - United Healthcare Plus, and we make available choices of alternative health coverage through several other HMOs. If you participate in the Mount Sinai Health Plan, you are entitled to professional discounts that apply to deductibles, co-insurance, and private room charges with services you receive at The Mount Sinai Hospital. Routine nursery and obstetric care are provided at no cost to the house officer. Cost sharing is available if you desire family coverage.

Additional benefits offered at Mount Sinai include:

  • Basic dental coverage, a prescription drug plan, and a vision plan at no cost to the house officer. Enhanced dental plans and family coverage available with a cost-sharing deductible.
  • Short- and long-term disability, workers' compensation, life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Dependent care and tax sheltered annuity plans
  • Get detailed information about plans by contacting the Benefits Office at 866-700-6762

Malpractice Insurance
Mount Sinai provides coverage at no cost to you.

Residents are entitled to four weeks of vacation each year.

The Mount Sinai Health System makes every effort to provide adequate housing for house staff and all PGY-1’s are guaranteed a housing offer. Resident staff accommodations are available in a number of modern apartment buildings within walking distance of the Hospital. Amenities include 24-hour door attendant and intercom security systems, laundry rooms, and sundecks. Larger apartments are available to residents with families.

Sample Resident Contract
View The Mount Sinai Hospital Sample Resident Contract [PDF]