Required Rotations

  1. The Seminar in Applied Preventive Medicine APM holds a two-hour weekly conference; attendance is required for residents in the GPM program. It requires the resident to chair the meeting; set the agenda; review documents received (such as MMWR, Crain's Health PULSE, Journal Watch and Health People 2010); lead the discussion on resident research, Master's Degree projects and conferences attended; and distribute "homework" to residents (documents to read and discuss in the next week). The Resident Chair chooses a preventive medicine theme each month, and organizes guest speakers or residents to give presentations. Themes in past years included nutrition/obesity, bioterrorism, Public Health Law, International Health, mental health, and integrative medicine. The Resident Chair rotates on a monthly basis.

    The meeting includes discussion of faculty projects, grants and conferences, as well. Faculty attend this meeting on a weekly basis, and serve as core teaching faculty to the residency. The meeting provides an informal mechanism by which residents can provide feedback on the program, practicum activities and the faculty to the residency director and other core faculty on a regular basis. It also allows the residency director to keep close tabs on the progression of each resident's training.

  2. James J. Peters Bronx Va : Starting July 2009, The Mount Sinai General Preventive Medicine Residency will expand the residency by partnering with The James J. Peters Bronx VA. The residency curriculum will provide robust graduate medical education training utilizing medical informatics and health information technology for clinical prevention and chronic disease management practice and research. Each resident will rotate for at least 4 months at the VA each year. This innovative curriculum will give residents the opportunity to:

    • Utilize the Electronic Health Record (HER) to improve chronic disease and preventive care management.
    • Learn all aspects of HER clinical decision modules.
    • Utilize Health Information Technology to improve patient Self Management Goals.
    • Employ registries to improve patient and practice care and improve physician performance through the utilization of aggregate data.
    • Utilize and design electronic health records to improve counseling for lifestyle modification.
    • Engage in on-site clinical activities.
  3. The Division of Environmental and Occupational Medicine (which sponsors an accredited residency in Occupational Medicine) makes its facilities and instructional opportunities available to General Preventive Medicine Residents. A minimum one-month rotation is required.
  4. The Education Unit: GPM Residents are paired with experienced faculty members to co-lead seminar-based instruction in Epidemiology and Biostatistics for first and second year medical students. GPM residents also serve as co-seminar leaders in the department's required third-year medical student clerkship in Ambulatory Care, where they teach concepts in clinical prevention, stages of change, screening tests and applied health services research/continuous quality improvement. Both these teaching activities include weekly "faculty" development sessions, supervised by the course or clerkship director.
  5. The Preventive Medicine Residency and the Occupational Medicine Residency sponsor a joint Journal Club.
  6. Health Bridge provides medical care to pregnant women living in single-occupancy hotels in New York City.
  7. Large Managed-care organization in the New York area, are sites for practicum activities in health administration and management. Recent resident projects included: development of practice guidelines on clinical issues, smoking cessation, and evaluation and protocols for Transit Authority workers back to work procedures after injuries.
  8. New York City Department of Health: GPM residents are required to do a one-month public health practice rotation at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDOHMH).


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