Our Philosophy

Trauma exposure can often be a watershed event in a person's life, and can leave emotional scars. Symptoms among trauma survivors commonly include intrusive memories, nightmares, insomnia, anger, depression, and nervousness, and may occur at any time following the traumatic event. Although it often seems to trauma survivors that their suffering is beyond repair - because nothing can undo what has happened to them - it is possible to relieve the traumatic stress symptoms with specialized treatments administered by trained therapists. The goal of trauma therapy is to embrace the transformation and use it as an approach for positive healing and growth.

Our research programs provide a structured framework in which we can learn from trauma survivors about the impact of traumatic events on psychological and biological aspects of functioning. Ultimately, we have designed our work to help survivors identify maladaptive responses to trauma, and provide strategies for helping to alleviate emotional distress and change troubling behavioral patterns.