Program Faculty

Rosamond Rhodes, PhD
Rosamond Rhodes is a Professor of Medical Education and Director of Bioethics Education at Icahn School of Medicine where she oversees the medical ethics curriculum for students in all four years of medical school, for house staff in eleven residency programs, for graduate post-doctoral fellows in the biomedical sciences, and for students in the genetics counseling program. She directs a program of faculty medical ethics education and collaborates with faculty members on a variety of research projects.

Dr. Rhodes serves as a member of Mount Sinai's Ethics Committee and IACUC. She is also Professor of Philosophy at The Graduate Center, CUNY and Professor of Bioethics and Associate Director of the Union-Mount Sinai Bioethics Program.

Beyond the teaching setting, Dr. Rhodes serves as Chair of the American Philosophical Association's committee on Philosophy and Medicine. She serves on the editorial boards of the international journals Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Bioethics, and Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine, as well as the MIT press Basic Bioethics series and the Cambridge Dictionary of Bioethics. She has published more than 160 articles and chapters on a broad range of issues in bioethics including: professionalism, surrogate decision making, research ethics, organ transplantation, and bioethics education. She also writes on the history of moral and political philosophy. Dr. Rhodes is co-editor of Physician Assisted Suicide: Expanding the Debate (Routledge, 1998), Medicine and Social Justice: Essays on the Distribution of Health Care (Oxford, 2002) and the Blackwell Companion to Medical Ethics (2007).

Nada Gligorov, PhD
Nada Gligorov is Assistant Professor of Medical Education and Associate Director of Bioethics Education at Icahn School of Medicine. Dr. Gligorov is currently working on issues of personal identity and advanced directives, issues in neuroethics and issues concerning the interaction between commonsense and scientific conceptual frameworks.

Recent Publications

  1. "Functional Brain Imaging, Free Will and Privacy," Healthcare and the Effect of Technology: Developments, Challenges, and Advancements, ed. Stefane M. Kabene, IGI Global Publishing.
  2. "Free Will from the Neurophilosophical Perspective," Open Peer Commentary, forthcoming in The American Journal of Bioethics-Neuroscience
  3. "Dilemmas in Surgery: Medical Ethics Education in the Surgery Rotation," Nada Gligorov et al., The Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, Vol 76 Issue 3 (June 2009), p 297-302.
  4. "Reconsidering the Impact of Affective Forecasting," Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol 18, No 2, April 2009.
  5. "Unconscious Pain," Open Peer Commentary, The American Journal of Bioethics-Neuroscience, 8(9):1-2, 2008.

Recent Activities

  • "Plasticity, Phenomenal Character, and Brain Qualia," Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium, University of the West Indies, Barbados, November19-20, 2009.
  • "Functional Brain Imaging, Free Will and Privacy," The ASBH 11th Annual Meeting, October 15-18, 2009, Paper Session, Nada Gligorov, Stephen C. Krieger
  • "What you Can('t)Know About the Mind from the Brain," Oxford-Mt. Sinai Consortium on Bioethics, New York, April, 2009, Nada Gligorov, Stephen Krieger
  • "The Revisability of Commonsense Psychology" The Long Island Philosophical Society, October 18th, 2008

Bernard H. Baumrin, PhD, JD
Bernard H. Baumrin is Professor of Philosophy, The Graduate Center, CUNY.
Two topics that have animated much of his recent research are the relationship between medical science and medical ethics, and the relationship between law and medical decision-making. These relationships generate several problems that appear to lead to inconsistent resolutions – for example, that for doctors, good science trumps good ethics, and for lawyers good law trumps good ethics. Yet both science and law are based on very sound moral principles – that is, truth and justice.

Recent Publications

  • "Two Concepts of Justice", Midwest Studies in Philosophy
  • "Immorality", Midwest Studies in Philosophy
  • "Waste", Journal of Social Philosophy
  • "Putting Them Out on the Ice: Curtailing Care for the Elderly", Journal of Applied Philosophy
  • "Is There a Naturalistic Fallacy?", American Philosophical Quarterly
  • "Divorce", Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics
  • "Physician, Stay Thy Hand!"