Mission Statements

Graduate School
The mission of the graduate school is to provide rigorous training in basic science, as well as in patient and population-based research, which will prepare our students for leadership roles in scientific discovery, clinical innovation, science education, and health policy.

PhD in Biomedical Sciences
The PhD in Biomedical Science program fosters students’ development into creative, independent investigators who will contribute significantly and in diverse ways to the progress of science.

PhD in Neuroscience
The mission of PhD in Neuroscience program is to provide a broad background in the field of neuroscience, from molecules to behavior, while allowing the student to focus on the research project in a specific area of cellular, molecular, systems, computational, or cognitive neuroscience.

Masters in Biomedical Sciences
The Masters in Biomedical Sciences program will enhance a student’s preparation for subsequent application to graduate or professional school or for entering the scientific workforce, through completion of a core curriculum, advanced graduate courses, and submission of an original research thesis.


"Science and Medicine in the Service of Society," a commentary by Dr. John Morrison. Published on September 22, 2010 in the New York Times
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