PhD Training Areas (Basic Science)

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences provides cutting-edge education in nine multi-disciplinary training areas (MTAs), leading to a PhD degree in biomedical sciences or neuroscience. We are located in uptown Manhattan, and draw from the energy and innovation of the city to re-imagine the training of the elite biomedical scientists of tomorrow.

Cancer Biology

We combine research into the mechanisms and treatment of cancer with a curriculum that emphasizes a broad approach to cancer biology.

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Developmental and Stem Cell Biology (DSCB)

Students work with model organisms and stem cells to explore fundamental developmental questions and their impact on biomedicine.

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Design Technology and Entrepreneurship (DTE)

C-TIE works with faculty from across Mount Sinai, solving problems through biology, engineering, design, economics, and other disciplines.

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Genetics and Genomic Sciences (GGS)

Our students use genetic, genomic, and computational approaches to explore biomedical problems through multiscale approaches.

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We provide students with the intellectual and technical skills required to become outstanding scientists in the field of immunology.

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We explore broad aspects of microbiology including virology, autoimmunity, gene therapy, cancer immunology, and vaccine development.

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We provide advanced training in Systems Neuroscience, Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, and Behavioral Neuroscience.

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Systems Biology of Disease and Therapeutics (SBDT)

Our students explore the pathophysiology of human diseases and how key pathways can be targeted for therapeutic purposes.

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Structural/Chemical Biology and Molecular Design (SMD)

We use structural and chemical biology to develop new compounds as powerful tools to manipulate biological systems with precision. ‚Äč

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