Educational Goals of BSP

BSP provides an educational environment in which students receive the training needed to discover and design new drug-like molecules that can modulate the function of biological systems. Trainees gain a thorough understanding of drugs and drug targetsunder investigation using a variety of approaches ranging from structural, computational, molecular, and cell biology to biochemistry and synthetic chemistry. Our students also gain a deep understanding of biological systems and disease states through training that emphasizes a quantitative, predictive understanding of physiology, pharmacology, organ-level research, and animal studies. Technology-based approaches in use in BSP research laboratories include: X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, single-molecule imaging, chemical synthesis, proteomics, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, molecular dynamics simulations, mathematical modeling, next generation sequencing, chemoinformatics, virtual screening, and other rational drug discovery approaches.