Program Requirements

In addition to the DSCB curriculum, DSCB students must complete at least two rotations before choosing a preceptor from the DSCB faculty. Students are required to choose a preceptor by the beginning of the second year. Students then need to pass a Qualifying Exam in the first semester following commitment to a preceptor, and a Thesis Proposal Exam as described in the Student Handbook.

Approaching the completion of the project, the student, preceptor, and their advisory committee will meet and decide whether suitable work has been completed to proceed with the preparation of a dissertation and a thesis defense. If approval is granted, the preceptor will guide the student regarding the dissertation preparation and the presentation of his or her work in an open seminar-format thesis defense.

DSCB students are expected to participate in the Department of Developmental and Regenerative Biology and Black Family Stem Cell Institute Seminar Series. This series brings leading researchers to MSSM to present their latest research, and students both attend the seminar and then meet as a group with the speaker.

Finally, the Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Work in Progress series is a forum for students to present their research to other DSCB students and postdoctoral fellows.