Genetics and Genomic Sciences

The Multidisciplinary Training Area in Genetics and Genomic Sciences (GGS) is one of nine training areas that comprise the PhD program of the Graduate School at Icahn School of Medicine. The program emphasizes course work and research experience in:

  • The molecular pathology of genetic diseases
  • Gene discovery and characterization
  • Translational genetics
  • Informatics and genome analysis
  • Gene regulation
  • Genome organization and evolution

The overall goal of the Genetics and Genomic Sciences Program is to provide students with comprehensive training in genetics and genomic sciences. The emphasis of this program is on human genetic diseases using mouse and other eukaryotic model systems. We offer unique opportunities to integrate basic genomics research with clinical and translational genetics.

The Genetics and Genomic Sciences Program draws from internationally recognized research that creates a multidisciplinary environment for students interested in a disease-oriented and translational research program.

Meet the Co-Director

nullDr. Sander Houten's research focuses on the pathophysiology of inborn errors of metabolism aiming to improve therapeutic strategies.



Meet the Co-Director

nullDr. Andrew Sharp's research uses genomic approaches to study the human genome and disease, utilizing a strategy that can be described as 'reverse genetics'.


Deadline for application is Dec. 1st.

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