Immunology (IMM)

The Multidisciplinary Training Area in Immunology (IMM) represents one of the Multidisciplinary Training Areas that compose the PhD Program of the Graduate School at Icahn School of Medicine. The Program emphasizes course work and research experience in diverse topics in Immunology. These topics include but are not limited to the following.

  • Antigen presentation and recognition
  • Immune responses to infection
  • Immune cell trafficking
  • Signal transduction in the immune system
  • Diseases and disorders of the immune system

The goal of the Immunology program is to train the next generation of outstanding immunologists in a rigorous and flexible environment. Students will be provided with a supportive and challenging program in which to acquire a strong foundation in the basic principles of the immune system as well as advanced technical skills to address cutting-edge scientific questions.

Additional information on research and education in Immunology can be found at the Mount Sinai Immunology Institute.

Meet the Director

Julie Magarian Blander, PhD. Her laboratory studies the function of macrophages and dendritic cells of the innate immune system. These cells are equipped with a complex array of receptors and signaling networks that sense perturbations in their tissue microenvironment and relay this information to tissue stromal cells and to hematopoietic cells of the adaptive immune system.

Deadline for application is Dec. 1st.

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