Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Graduate Program in Public Health
2015-2016 Academic Calendar*


September 7 Mon Labor Day – No Classes
8 Tues Fall Classes Begin
Orientation for incoming MPH students
15 Tues Fall Drop/Add Closes: All Students
30 Wed Spring I Registration Begins: All Students
October 30 Fri Spring I Registration Ends: All Students
November 24-27 Tues - Fri Thanksgiving Holiday – No Classes
December 4 Fri Last Day of Fall classes


January 4 Mon Spring I Classes Begin
Spring I Add/Drop Opens: All Students
11 Fri Spring I Add/Drop Closes: All Students
18 Mon Martin Luther King Day – No Classes
February 1 Mon Spring II Registration Begins: All Students
15 Mon President’s Day – No Classes
26 Fri Spring II Registration Ends: All Students
March 25 Fri Last day of Spring I courses
28 - 4/1 Mon -Fri Spring Break Begins
April 4 Mon Spring II Classes Begin: All students
Spring II Add/Drop Opens
10 Fri Spring II Add/Drop Closes
May 13 Fri ISMMS Commencement (tentative)
30 Mon Memorial Day – No Classes
June 26 Fri Last day of Spring II courses

View Academic Calendar 2015-16 [PDF]

*The Graduate School reserves the right to change this schedule.  All students and faculty will be notified, via e-mail of such changes prior to their effective dates.

NB: ISMMS, drawing on and respecting all traditions, is a secular institution.  Our student body is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs.  We are sensitive to commitments to all religious observances, but do not build our yearly calendar around them

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