Mentoring Support by The Medical Student Research Office (MSRO)

The goal of medical student scholarship is to provide students with the chance to pursue scholarly projects in an area of their choosing. Beginning students can learn more about an area they are considering for a career, while advanced students can work on the cutting edge questions being asked in their future fields. The opportunity for independent scholarship enables students to use their creativity and enthusiasm to produce a scholarly product of their choosing and to begin to develop the lifelong learning skills required in medicine today. One of the major benefits of undertaking a scholarly project is the opportunity to work closely with and to learn from a faculty mentor. Mentors are both teachers and role models. They are essential partners in a student's development.

Mission of the MSRO:

  • To enable students to develop critical thinking skills and express their creativity and intellectual independence
  • To make students aware of short or long term research programs offered at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai or externally
  • To help students identify a research mentor
  • To help students secure research stipends and/or research funding
  • To offer training in research communication skills

Who Is Eligible?

  • Medical students at any level of training
  • Students with or without previous research experience

How Can A Mentor Help Me?

What is learned in the classroom or on clinical rotations is only the beginning of the discovery evolution. Mentors help students:

  • to learn how to formulate a hypothesis
  • to develop a research proposal
  • to carry out a project
  • to analyze the resulting data
  • to communicate the results to the scientific community
  • to evaluate their progress
  • by assisting in decisions about future research
  • by providing information for career planning

What Type of Projects are Available?

  • Clinical, translational, basic, medical education, health services and health policy research projects
  • Students also are encouraged to pursue rigorous scholarly projects that may not fit into these categories, such as medical humanities

Does the MSRO Directly Sponsor Training Sessions?

The MSRO offers workshops and individual sessions to help students master oral and written communication skills. Examples of workshops offered are:

  • How to write a research abstract
  • How to prepare a poster
  • How to write a research proposal
  • How to give a research talk

In addition, individual consultations are available for help with:

  • biostatistics
  • navigating the IRB system in order to obtain approval for human subjects research

What Type of Research Programs are Available at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai?

  • The Summer Research Scholars Program between M1 and M2 gives students their first opportunity to do research while in medical school
  • Information about other full year research programs that can be done during a Scholarly Year can be found on the MSRO web site
  • PORTAL, a 5 year dual degree MD/MS Clinical Research , allows students to learn the skills required to perform clinical research from the very beginning of their medical education
  • INSPIRE enables 4th year students to conduct a scholarly project towards the end of their medical training when their career interests are well developed
  • FAME is a peer mentor program in clinical/translational research for students in M1 and M2
  • A database of external programs, the majority of which are short term, is available on the MSRO web site

Students are encouraged to contact the MSRO, or 212-241-4429, in order to arrange an appointment.