Medical Student Research Office (MSRO)

The mission of the MSRO is:

  • To help you and your fellow students develop critical thinking skills and express creativity and intellectual independence
  • To promote your awareness of short or long term research programs offered within and outside of ISMMS
  • To assist you in identifying a mentor
  • To help locate research stipends and/or funding
  • To offer you training in research communication skills

What type of projects are available?

  • Clinical, translational, basic, medical education, health services, global health, and health policy research projects are among those available
  • Students are free to pursue any rigorous scholarly project, even if it does not fit into these categories, such as medical humanities research

Does the MSRO directly sponsor training sessions?

The MSRO offers workshops and individual sessions to help you master oral and written communication skills. Examples of workshops offered are:

  • How to write a research abstract
  • How to prepare a poster
  • How to write a research proposal
  • How to give a research talk

In addition, individual consultations are available for help with:

  • Biostatistics
  • Navigating the IRB system in order to obtain approval for human subjects research

What type of research programs are available at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai?

  • The Summer Research Scholars Program, between Year 1 and Year 2, gives you an opportunity to complete eight weeks of mentored research.
  • The Scholarly Year offers an opportunity for a full year research program.
  • PORTAL, a 5-year MD/MSCR dual degree program, provides you an opportunity to learn the skills required to perform clinical research from the very beginning of your medical education.

You are encouraged to contact the MSRO at or 212-241-4429 to arrange an appointment.

Mary Rojas, PhD
Director, Medical Student Research
Associate Professor of Medical Education

Jenny Lin, MD
Associate Director, SCHOLaR Program
Associate Director, Medical Student Research
Professor of Medicine 

Keith Sigel, MD, PhD
Co-Director, PORTAL Program (MD/MSCR)
Associate Director, Medical Student Research Office
Associate Professor of Medicine 

Grace Oluoch, MBA
Senior Program Coordinator, Medical Student Research Office

Yakhira Encarnación-Patterson, MPH
Senior Program Coordinator, Medical Student Research Office