Summer Programs

The Summer Research Scholars Program:

  • Can be in basic/translational science, clinical science, translational science, medical education, epidemiology, community service scholarship, health evidence and policy, global health, innovation and discovery, medical humanities, or other approved areas
  • Occurs during the eight-week summer intersession.

Funding for Summer Research:

  • Stipends are available on a competitive basis to support summer research
  • To apply for funding, submit a 300-word abstract on your project, using electronic submission via Blackboard and a copy of the signed mentor's support to The abstract should include a title, your name, your mentor's name, and his/her department.
  • If you receive funding, you are committing to participation in Medical Student Research Day in March. Abstracts for this event are due in early January, and you can find complete instructions on Blackboard at the Medical Student Research Office course site.

Additional details on Summer Research Programs and funding can be found in Blackboard.