Mount Sinai’s multidisciplinary Institutes complement its 34 academic departments, and are focal points for collaborative research, clinical activities, and education. Institutes have either a disease-centered focus or a core technology support role, and one, The Institute for Medical Education, is dedicated to supporting and enhancing faculty teaching.  The institutes provide resources and facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas across disciplines; all are dedicated to furthering the School’s mission of translating scientific discoveries into diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic advances for patients. They are closely tied to the multidisciplinary training areas (MTAs) of the Graduate School and bring together faculty, students and trainees from many fields.


Name Description
The Arnhold Global Health Inst... An institution-wide interdisciplinary program working to improve the health of people around the wor... Global Health Prabhjot Singh
The Black Family Stem Cell Ins... Focused on studying the secrets of stem cell communication Stem cells Thomas P Zwaka
The Charles Bronfman Institute... Implementing individualized disease risk assessment, and improving patient responsiveness to treatme... Genetics and genomics Judy H Cho
The Clinical Diabetes Institut... Overseeing MSHS's care and prevention of diabetes throughout the region Diabetes Ronald Tamler
Ear Institute Clinical Institute: Pioneering care in cochlear implantation, medical and surgical otology and neuro... ENTOtolaryngology Eric M Genden
The Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Fo... Performing clinical studies, providing medical expertise, educational guidance, nutritional counseli... Allergies Hugh A Sampson
The Friedman Brain Institute An interdisciplinary clinical and research hub for defining the mechanisms behind brain and spinal c... Brain and spinal disorders Eric J Nestler
Icahn Institute for Genomics a... The institute focuses on a multiscale view of biology harnessing "Big Data" analytics to build predi... Genetics and genomics Eric Schadt
Institute for Liver Medicine This clinical institute is dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of patients with liver diseases Douglas Dieterich
Institute for Medical Educatio... Promoting and advancing innovative medical education and scholarship, as well as recognizing and rew... Education and scholarship Reena Karani
The Joseph F. Cullman, Jr. Ins... Promoting a culture of patient-centered care that emphasizes service and compassion from the moment ... Patient care
The Lilian and Benjamin Hertzb... Aiming to improve the quality of life for persons living with serious illness and their families Palliative care
The Mindich Child Health and D... A translational research enterprise with the mission of advancing knowledge and therapies for diseas... Children's health Bruce D Gelb
The Mirken Family Clinical Neu... Coordinating and uniting the clinical neuroscience activities across the entire health system, and f... Neuroscience Susan Bressman
Mount Sinai -- National Jewish... Bringing together leading experts to diagnose and treat all forms of respiratory illness and lung di... Respiration Charles A Powell
Mount Sinai Diabetes, Obesity,... Seeking cures for these disorders, as well as developing better therapeutic and preventitive strateg... Metabolic disease Andrew Stewart
Mount Sinai Experimental Thera... Exploring opportunities for new biological insights at ISSMS, to be applied through novel therapeuti... Drug discovery Paul J Kenny
Mount Sinai Global Health and ... Expanding the translational aspects of Mount Sinai's antimicrobial research by creating programs in ... Vaccine, antiviral, and antimicrobial drug development Adolfo Garcia-Sastre
Mount Sinai Head and Neck Inst... Pioneering care in cochlear implantation, medical and surgical otology and neurotology, and hearing ... ENTOtolaryngology Eric M Genden
Mount Sinai Immunology Institu... The Institute fosters interdisciplinary, translational research in immunology, immunologic diseases,... Immunology Sergio Lira
Mount Sinai Institute for Adva... An integrated organization that provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment to patients livin... AIDS Michael P Mullen
Mount Sinai Institute for Heal... Improving the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of care delivery in the Mount Sinai Health Syste... Health care delivery Madhu Mazumdar
Mount Sinai Institute for Tran... Aiming to establish a strong program in epidemiologic research that expands on the many clinical, ba... Epidemiology Emanuela Taioli
Mount Sinai Institute of Techn... Founded to discover, design, develop, and deliver technology-based solutions to critical open proble... Biomedical sicences Andrew Kasarskis
Mount Sinai Primary Care Insti... Overseeing MSHS's numerous community-based primary care practices, and working to promote the import... Primary Care Roy Cohen
Mount Sinai Translational and ... Advancing the science of imaging, from the development of new visualization technology, to improved ... Imaging Zahi A Fayad
Recanati/Miller Transplantatio... One of the largest adult and pediatric abdominal transplant centers in the world Abdominal transplants Sander S Florman
The Tisch Cancer Institute Focused on a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatments Cancer Steven J Burakoff
The Zena and Michael A. Wiener... A translational research hub for extinguishing cardiovascular diseases and advancing patient care Cardiovascular diseases Valentin Fuster