Instrumentation Overview

The AFM system is an Asylum MFP-3D-BIO atomic force microscope integrated with an Olympus IX-81 DSU Real-Time confocal microscope, and is designed to be a reliable and flexible instrument for a multi-user core facility. Control and post-processing software is open-access and based on the Igor Pro programming environment.

The software is fully coupled with the optical setup through a digital access module to give "point-shoot" and "overlay" features that are necessary to cross-correlate AFM characterization with optical fluorescence and can be conducted through user-defined scripts for custom imaging routines. The close-loop AFM scanner is controlled with independent piezoelectric stacks that make the positioning of the three axes highly accurate.

A number of features, such as an extended 40-micron z-axis range, fluid cell/petri dish heater/environmental control, and vibration isolation with acoustic enclosure, facilitate a wide range of possibilities for experiments. Adapting this system to the Olympus IX-81 DSU brings high-end confocal fluorescence imaging at 30 frames per second with low levels of light exposure to the biological samples due to the spinning disk system. The core facility is tailor-made to meet the requirements of the biomedical researcher while maintaining industry-leading capabilities of atomic force microscopy.

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