A Partnership Model for Education

One important aspect of the Seaver Autism Center has been education and outreach. To meet our goals, we have formed alliances and partnerships with YAI, F•E•G•S, UJA, as well as schools and national organizations.

National Institute for People with Disabilities - YAI Fellowship

As part of this affiliation, the Seaver Autism Center trains psychiatry fellows for YAI in diagnostic assessments and treatment protocols in an effort to bridge the gap between research findings and clinical practice. In return, YAI-NIPD actively recruits patients for the research protocols at the Seaver Autism Center. Both organizations run joint outreach and educational programs.

Federation Employment and Guidance Service, Inc. (F•E•G•S) Fellowship

The Department of Psychiatry and the Seaver Autism Center have a formal affiliation with F•E•G•S centered on a joint fellowship. The fellowship provides for the training of a psychology trainee in the translation of diagnosis, assessment, and intervention in autism spectrum disorders to F•E•G•S services for adults. The affiliation also aims to further develop the partnership to support translational research endeavors in the areas of autism spectrum disorders and serious mental illness, particularly in the area of habilitation of functional impairments.

Jewish Community Center (JCC) Fellowship

The Seaver Autism Center has partnered with the JCC in Manhattan, a community center that serves people at every age and stage of life. The goal of the JCC, in working with a Seaver Fellow, is to deepen their expertise in working with children, teens and young adults with autism and related conditions, through social skills groups, recreational programs, and other supportive services to facilitate the translation of best practices to community settings. This post-doctoral fellowship for clinical psychology fellows includes training in autism-specific educational, recreational, and therapeutic programming for children, adolescents, and adults. The fellowship includes joint training at the Seaver Autism Center and the JCC in Manhattan.

Association for Metroarea Autistic Children (AMAC)

The collaboration between the Seaver Autism Center and the Association for Metroarea Autistic Children (AMAC), an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) school serving autistic children aged 2–21, has recently evolved. Seaver Autism Center staff provide consultation, lectures and seminars for the AMAC staff and families. AMAC's unique continuum of services, which span from early intervention and preschool to adult services, are research-based and reflect the high level of excellence that both the Seaver Autism Center and AMAC are committed to. AMAC continues to be an important community resource for the Seaver Autism Center's clinical and research activities.

Other Collaborations

The Seaver Autism Center has close relationships with the NY Board of Education and is collaborating with multiple schools educating children with autism and related conditions within this system.

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