A working collaboration

The Autism Genetics Program represents a centralized genetic initiative in autism genetics. This initiative currently includes the molecular genetics of the Laboratory of Molecular Neuropsychiatry, the functional genetics of the Laboratory of Molecular Neuropsychiatry, and, most recently, the clinical genetics collaboration between the Laboratory of Molecular Neuropsychiatry, the Autism Clinical Program, the Autism Assessment Program, and the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences.

Clinical Genetics

We have partnered with the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and the Institute of Personalized Medicine to translate the research findings from the Seaver Autism Center and from other laboratories around the world into state-of-the-art genetic tests to supplement behavioral assessments in autism and related conditions.

Molecular Genetics

We continue to use state-of-the-art molecular genetic approaches to identify additional genetic causes of autism, making use of detailed behavioral and medical assessments provided by the Autism Assessment Program.

Autism Model Systems Initiative

The Seaver Autism Center is a preeminent site for functional genetics relating genetic causes for autism and related conditions to underlying changes in brain function. These approaches are leading to new interventions in autism and related conditions.

Because identifying causal variants in autism immediately leads to animal models and new conceptualization of causes of autism and related conditions, we are expanding our animal and molecular neurobiological studies of genes in autism. The Seaver Autism Center has already supported the development of eight mouse models that recapitulate different aspects of autism, as a means to deepen our understanding of pathogenic mechanisms in autism and to be useful for evaluating therapeutics.

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