About the Experimental Therapeutics Institute

Mount Sinai's Experimental Therapeutics Institute in New York City is a hub for the development of new drugs, devices, and intellectual property that result from Mount Sinai’s basic and clinical research programs. Integrated research programs focus on:

  • Small-molecule drug discovery
  • Biological therapeutics
  • Therapeutic vaccine development
  • Target validation and side effects
  • Preclinical testing

Institute investigators conduct scientific and commercial assessments of promising research and technology, perform preclinical testing, and foster commercial relationships with pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

The Small-Molecule Drug Discovery Program

This program is developing small-molecule therapeutic agents against new disease targets identified by Experimental Therapeutics Institute investigators and creating technologies that will streamline the drug discovery process for small molecules.

The program has three specific goals:

  • Leverage the commercial potential of academic drug discovery through genome-wide target discovery and profiling

  • Accelerate lead optimization with focused chemical synthesis through the use of rational design and combinatorial or parallel synthesis strategies to optimize lead compounds efficiently

  • Enhance the intellectual property values of the most promising new therapeutic targets by generating toxicology profiles

In building on a record of discovery, molecular targets have been identified and drug discovery processes are being developed for cancer, HIV/AIDS, pain, osteoporosis, psychiatric disorders, peanut allergy, type II diabetes, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, polycystic kidney disease, and heart failure. This work will allow researchers throughout Mount Sinai to apply cutting-edge technologies in chemical biology, cheminformatics, and medicinal chemistry.

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