Research Program 

The research program of the Institute for Translational Epidemiology would have a number of specific features.

  • It builds on existing strengths in clinical research at Mount Sinai, with emphasis on interdisciplinary projects in which a clinical epidemiologic approach would provide a unique contribution.
  • It integrates strong expertise in biostatistics represented by the Center for Biostatistics to enhance other research at Mount Sinai.
  • It promotes integration of molecular methods derived from genetics, pathology and molecular biology into epidemiological studies.
  • It is based on state-of-the-art methodology in epidemiologic research, in collaboration with the Departments of Preventive Medicine and of Health Evidence and Policy.
  • It has a strong international outlook, which takes advantage of heterogeneity in distribution of lifestyle, biochemical and genetic risk factors of chronic diseases in different populations of patients.
  • It conducts community-based research to address the effect of health services and public health policy on the health of populations, in particular those directly served by Mount Sinai.
  • It is involved in long-term longitudinal studies, with a combination of clinical, observational and intervention projects.


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