About Conduits

The Mount Sinai Conduits – Institutes for Translational Sciences will enable the translation of basic scientific discoveries into clinical practice by creating an effective, efficient, and centralized administrative structure. Our goals are to:

  • Foster and reward interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Educate and retain new clinical and translational investigators
  • Deliver new therapies and an improved standard of care to our diverse community

Mount Sinai redesigned its research infrastructure by integrating research functions across departments, which helps promote interaction between basic scientists and clinical investigators. The Institute will streamline administrative procedures for new trials and the dissemination of results.

The Icahn School of Medicine, located in New York City, received a Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) for $34.6 million over the next five years from the National Institutes of Health to support this research paradigm.

The Conduits features a translational discoveries program that will:

  • Provide consultation, oversight, and facilities for clinical and translational research
  • Engage the community and its affiliates to translate health benefits to the public
  • Develop new methodologies to improve trial design and reduce participant burden


Contact Us

Sonia Kleiner-Arje, MSRA, CHRC
Director, ISMMS ConduITS CTSA, Institutes for Translational Sciences
Director, Office of Research Services (ORS)

ConduITS is supported by the National Center for Research Resources and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences of the National Institutes of Health through Grant Number UL1TR001433.

Any use of CTSA-supported resources requires citation of grant #UL1TR001433 awarded to Icahn School of Medicine in the acknowledgment section of every publication resulting from this support. Adherence to the NIH Public Access Policy is also required.