KL2 Faculty Scholars Award

The Faculty KL2 Scholars Award (formerly known as the K12) to promote and support the career development in patient-oriented, clinical, and translational research for outstanding junior faculty was established and is funded by Conduits.

Specific objectives of this program include to:

  • Identify and support talented junior faculty committed to academic careers in multidisciplinary patient-oriented clinical translational research.
  • Ensure that Scholars have at least 75% protected time for their research career development (exceptions may be made for surgeons who can document that their clinical competence may be threatened by restricting clinical activities to 25%).
  • Enable Scholars to design, implement, analyze, and publish rigorous studies in patient-oriented clinical translational research.
  • Stimulate multidisciplinary mentorship and promote the development and implementation of an individually tailored career development plan.
  • Enable Scholars to plan, write, and submit proposals to acquire funding for an externally funded career development award (K award or the equivalent) or independent research grant.

This program requires a commitment from mentors, chairs, chiefs, or institute directors (as appropriate) to supplement the salary of the award recipients for the 75% time commitment to which the KL2 program contributes, and to fund the remaining 25% of the KL2 recipient's salary through the duration of the KL2 award. Departments, divisions, and institutes are encouraged to collaborate in ways that jointly sponsor award recipients.

Program summary

Award Recipients will receive a stipend for two years. The stipend will be up to $75,000 in per year (plus fringe benefits) to support a 75% effort each year. An additional $20,000 per year is available to support research efforts for 2 years. Scholars are expected to take courses at Mount Sinai as needed to complete their educational development plan. Coursework will be decided upon jointly by the program leadership and Scholar. Scholars may be expected to complete the Masters of Science in Clinical Research program unless the candidate has an advanced Master's degree (MS, MPH). All necessary tuition costs are covered by the KL2 program.

Application Process

For full description of the Faculty Scholar Award, including eligibility, deadlines and how to apply, please see the Faculty Scholar Award RFA.

For frequently asked questions regarding the KL2 program, please see KL2 FAQs.

Application-Related Forms:

Letter of Intent Template
Detailed Budget

KL2 leadership

Alan Moskowitz, MD, Director (alan.moskowitz@mssm.edu)

Janice Gabrilove, MD, Co-Director (janice.gabrilove@mssm.edu)

Juan P. Wisnivesky, MD, DrPH, Co-Director (juan.wisnivesky@mssm.edu)


Contact Us

Fatima Nabizada-Pace
Tel: 212-824-7264

KL2 awardees are required to cite grant # KL2TR001435 awarded to Icahn School of Medicine in the acknowledgment section of every publication that results from their KL2 support. Adherence to the NIH Public Access Policy is also required.