About Us

Dr. Asbell's clinical research has made significant contributions to the development and subsequent approval of numerous medical devices and pharmaceuticals. As principal investigator in countless studies sponsored by the National Eye Institute and industry, she has participated in the development of pharmaceuticals that has included pivotal treatments for dry eyes, ocular inflammation, ocular wound healing, ocular herpes and corneal ulcers. She has been an innovator in the evolution of refractive surgeries, including the intrastromal corneal ring (INTACS), excimer laser photo-refractive keratectomy (LASIK, PRK) and ultraviolet (UV) crosslinking for keratoconus.

In addition, she directs the Ocular Biomarker and Corneal Research Laboratories. Current efforts of the research team are directed at developing minimally invasive objective metrics for diagnosing eye disease and for determining the efficacy of new treatments, including for corneal ulcers, dry eyes and inflammation of the ocular surface.