Recent Publications

*First author is a graduate student or fellow

*Goldstein KE, Hazlett EA, Savage KR, Berlin HA, Hamilton HK, Zelmanova Y, Look AE, Koenigsberg HW, Mitsis EM, Tang CY, McNamara M, Siever LJ, Cohen BH, New AS. Dorso- and ventro-lateral prefrontal volume and spatial working memory in schizotypal personality disorder. Behavioural Brain Research 2011; 218: 335-340.
PMID: 21115066

Hazlett EA, Goldstein KE, Tajima-Pozo K, Speidel ER, Zelmanova Y, Entis JJ, Silverman JM, New AS, Koenigsberg HW, Haznedar MM, Byne W, Siever LJ. Cingulate and temporal lobe fractional anisotropy in schizotypal personality disorder. NeuroImage 2011; 55: 900-908.
PMID: 21223999

Hazlett EA, Zhang J, New AS, Zelmanova Y, Goldstein KE, Haznedar MM, Meyerson D, Goodman M, Siever LJ, Chu KW. Potentiated Amygdala Response to Repeated Emotional Pictures in Borderline Personality Disorder. Biological Psychiatry 2012; 72:448-456.
PMID: 22560044

*Perez-Rodriguez MM, Hazlett EA, *Rich EL, *Ripoll LH, Weiner DM, Spence N, Goodman M, Koenigsberg HK, Siever LJ, New AS. Striatal activity in borderline personality disorder with comorbid intermittent explosive disorder: Sex differences. J Psychiatry Research; 2012; 46: 797-804.
PMID: 22464337

*Schneiderman JS, Hazlett EA, Chu KW, Zhang J, Goodman CR, Newmark RE, Torosjan Y, Canfield EL, Entis J, Mitropoulou V, Tang CY, Friedman J, Buchsbaum MS. Brodmann area analysis of white matter anisotropy and age in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research 2011; 130: 57-67.
PMID: 21600737

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