News and Events

June 18, 2009
Azeloglu and Costa attend ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference in Lake Tahoe to present poster on "Hybrid computational methods for analysis of AFM indentation on mechanically heterogeneous samples".

May 20, 2009
Dr. Evren Azeloglu wins Yuen-huo Hung & Chao-chin Huang Award in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University. Read more

May 20, 2009
Congratulations and good luck to former Costa Lab members who graduated from Columbia University: Do Eun Kim, PhD; Damian Ancukiewicz, B.S.; Glenn Gomes, B.S.; Gaurav Kaushik, B.S.; Uttara (Soni) Nag, B.S.; Vikrum Thimmappa, B.S.

April 29, 2009
Do Eun Kim successfully defends her doctoral thesis entitled "Enhancing Contractile Function in Healthy and Injured Engineered Cardiac Tissues".

March 13, 2009
We're here! Movers deliver laboratory equipment to Costa Laboratory at Mount Sinai.

February 1, 2009
Official start date for Costa Laboratory at Mount Sinai.