Laboratory Medicine at Mount Sinai

The Clinical Laboratories of the Mount Sinai Health System offer an extensive set of routine and complex tests that facilitate accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment plans. Combining modern robotic technology with the expertise of skilled pathologists and technologists, our fully accredited labs serve our 1,170 bed teaching hospital, its specialized centers, as well as extensive out-patient and community outreach programs. Our board-certified team members specialize in areas such as Molecular Pathology, Tumor Cytogenetics, and Virology, and work together to provide in-depth evaluation with rapid turnaround times. Along with our research and education activities, our laboratories’ goal is to achieve the best possible care for our patients.

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Laboratory Medicine
Mount Sinai Health System 
1425 Madison Avenue, Icahn Building, 8th Floor 
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Phone: 4LABS or 212-241-5227 

Fax: 212-987-0038

Chemistry Laboratories

Our Chemistry Laboratories combine state-of-the-art automation with the personal skills of a dedicated team of pathologists and technologists. Learn more

Meet the Director

Ila Singh, MD, PhD, is Director of Clinical Laboratories, Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Pathology. Her lab studies the mechanisms of viral replication. Read More

What’s New

Starting in 2013, Mount Sinai Clinical Laboratories will collaborate with ARUP Laboratories on several fronts.  ARUP will be our preferred laboratory for reference lab testing for both inpatients and outpatients.  Together, we will provide you with more information about laboratory testing at the time test orders are placed.  For now, we want to introduce ARUP CONSULT, a resource where you will find information about disease entities and about the optimal laboratory tests to diagnose and follow those entities.