Meet the Director

Ila Singh, MD, PhD, Medical Director of Clinical Laboratories, Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Pathology, joined Mount Sinai Health System in October, 2011. She came to Mount Sinai from ARUP Laboratories and the University of Utah. Dr. Singh had previously been on the faculty of Columbia University, where she had also completed her residency in clinical pathology. Prior to that, Dr. Singh was a Jane Coffin Childs fellow at Stanford University. She did her PhD at Yale University and her MD at the University of Mumbai. 

Dr. Singh's research interests focus on studying the mechanisms of viral replication. Her laboratory is currently studying HIV-1, Moloney murine leukemia virus, and XMRV, a xenotropic murine leukemia virus-like retrovirus that has been implicated in human disease. She has also recently started the study of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, focusing on defining diagnostic markers for the disease. 

Since her arrival, Dr. Singh has begun a broad, comprehensive initiative to improve the clinical laboratories to provide better care for Mount Sinai patients.