Order of Draw

When drawing multiple tubes of blood, it is common for a specimen to get contaminated with anticoagulant from the previous tube. In order to prevent the specimen from getting compromised, it is essential to follow the correct order of draw:

  1. blood culture bottles
  2. gold/yellow (plain)  
  3. blue (citrate)
  4. green (heparin)
  5. lavender (EDTA)
  6. pink (EDTA)
  7. pearl (EDTA with gel)
  8. grey (fluoride)
  9. yellow ACD (A or B)

Use the correct tube type for each test. Tests results are not valid if sample is drawn in an incorrect tube and switched to the correct tube.

*When using a winged blood collection set for venipuncture and a coagulation (blue) tube is the first to be drawn, draw a discard tube (non-additive or a blue tube) first.  Vacuum in the first tube is partially used up in drawing air from the collection set tubing, instead of blood, resulting in a partially filled tube.  The discard tube is used to fill the blood collection set tubing with blood but the discard tube does not need to be completely filled. This step will ensure proper blood- to-anticoagulant ratio in the blue tube.  A no additive (gold or yellow) or citrate (blue) tube can be used as the discard tube.